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Coaching Bundles for Individuals

provided by Doug Lipman

World-Class Storytelling Coaching

photo of Doug LipmanWould you like coaching that's based on the idea of freeing your storytelling intelligence, rather than trying to substitute your coach's intelligence for yours?

Would you like coaching that brings out your unique abilities, style, and point of view?

Would you like to be challenged, but also respected and appreciated for your strengths?

To read case studies of those I've helped become excellent applied storytellers or superb performers, please see Coaching Case Studies.

To read about some I've helped to become superb performers, business storytellers, authors, or recording artists—and to understand the options for individual coaching with me—please read on.

Why Would You Want Individual Coaching?

Maybe you're like Marion Besmehn, a storyteller from Carmel, California. She has a master's degree in storytelling from ETSU in Tennessee. Her personal stories, some from her native Wales, had appeared in a magazine and on CDs. But the puzzle of her storytelling life was her long-dead, larger-than-life mother. Marianne's storytelling instincts told her that her mother would be a terrific topic for stories, but every story she created fell flat. What was the problem? It took several rewrites and lots of emotional growth, but Marion turned Molly and Me into a well-reviewed book!

photo of financial advisor, John DurkotaOr maybe you're like John Durkota, a financial advisor from Atlanta, Georgia. He recognized that his potential clients needed help overcoming a handful of misconceptions about their investments, misconceptions that were costing them money and that John could help them with. He realized that storytelling would be a way to help them where facts and logic might not be enough. But how could he get help not just learning to tell stories, but creating just the right stories to make the difference?

Cover of Mary Robert's book, "The Mystical Pizza"On the other hand, maybe you're like Mary Roberts, an interior design consultant who needed help translating her extensive knowledge for college students who want to make their dorm space conducive to study and growth. She had lots of practical experience helping with dorm rooms, as well as a deep knowledge of feng shui. But how could she structure that knowledge around the success stories of individual students in a way that would seem relevant and accessible?

CD cover for Jay O'Callahan's "Forged in the Stars," a story commissioned by NASAThen there is Jay O'Callahan, internationally known storyteller and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network. He knows that, as good as the stories are that he creates on his own, they are better after skilled coaching. He seeks individual coaching for stories that need help being born, for stories that need help taking shape, and for stories that need final polishing, before major performances or stints in the recording studio.

Finally, let's mention Jim Gregory, a retired teacher who had been active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. An idealistic college drop-out, he had pulled together a group of his friends to help bring literacy education to blacks in Mississippi and Alabama, only to meet with violence and death at the hands of segregationists. In spite of a sweet moment with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jim's memories were so painful that he put them aside, until the only other survivor of the the 2-year bus trip died. Jim realized that, if he didn't tell their story, no one would. But how would be able to face those horrors again? And, given that emotional struggle, how would he know which events belonged in his story and which didn't?

In short, you might want coaching if:

  1. You want personalized help, learning to tell stories;
  2. You want help crafting stories for a specific business purpose;
  3. You have a storytelling project that just needs an outside eye;
  4. You need help structuring a work project around stories or giving your non-fiction book a compelling "story structure";
  5. You are struggling with a particular story or perhaps face an emotional block around it; or
  6. You want to make sure that a successful story is at its best before a major performance or recording date.

Your Choice of Coaching Bundles

Some projects just require a single hour of help; others require a few; still others require many. The more you pay for in advance, the less you pay per hour!

Coaching Bundles from Doug Lipman
  # of Hours Value Price Per hour
1 hour 1 $195 $195 $195
6 hours 6 $1170 $985 $164
11 hours 11 $2145 $1576 $143
22 hours 22 $4290 $2955 $134

Solo Intensive
(1 full-day, in-person)

6-10 $1800 $1400  

All bundles come with these features:

  1. satisfaction guarantee iconFull guarantee! If you are not delighted with the coaching you get, I will refund your full payment. (By the way, no one has ever wanted this refund!)

  2. calclulator icon - so thereConvenient Scheduling. You and I will schedule your coaching sessions at our mutual convenience—regardless of your time zone or schedule. We'll schedule the first call by email; after that, we'll set up future sessions while on the phone.

  3. free recordings of your coaching sessions - microphone iconFree recordings of your sessions, for you to keep! With your permission, I will record our call, then email you a link to the downloadable recording later the same day. Download and listen at your convenience!(Solo Intensives: you get your audio recording to take with you on a Story Dynamics USB-drive bracelet. This way, you can keep it "close at hand"! Plus, you have the option of free video recording as well!)

  4. minute billing - pay only for what you use - stopwatch icon, blueMinute Billing. I will convert the number of hours in your bundle into minutes, then subtract only those minutes you actually use on each call. This means your 3-hour bundle is really a 180-minute bundle. If your first call is 43 minutes long, you'll still have 137 minutes left to use! (Not available on a 1-hour purchase or a Solo Intensive)

Ready to order your bundle? Go to my onlline store:

Click here to order - go to my store to view the coaching bundle catalog page

Why I Can Coach You…

I have been coaching storytellers since 1979 and business professionals since the late 1980's. I have travelled the world offering coaching workshops. I have coached individuals from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

I Wrote the Book On Storytelling Coachingcover of the book "The Storytelling Coach"

Literally. My ground-breaking book, The Storytelling Coach: How to Listen, Praise, and Bring Out People's Best has won two awards and been used in the teaching of numerous college courses and workshops.

I have led over 50 multi-day coaching workshops on three continents. I have also led dozens of "coaching coaches" workshops, where I teach people to create a supportive community by gaining and spreading coaching skills.

Kind Words From a Small Sampling of People I've Coached

Your comments (and those of the group) were very insightful and gave me much food for thought. What I want to emphasize even more...your coaching style is unique, not only in the world of storytelling, but I would guess in many fields.
The way you approached each person, with respect for their material AND a belief in their ability to figure out what they needed, was more than just refreshing. It really touched something in me that I first felt 14 years ago (when I student-taught with humane, fair, child-centered teachers) and have not since witnessed.
--Ellen Feldman, Katonah, New York
Most of us have had teachers and other guides in our lives with a special gift for bringing out our best. Doug Lipman is that kind of storytelling coach.
--Carol Lewis, The Storytelling Center, Inc., Newsletter, New York, NY
Doug Lipman has coached me for years. He is an incisive, creative, supportive teacher...a joy.
--Jay O'Callahan, Marshfield MA
I thank my "lucky stars" for the wonderful teachers I've had in my lifetime, including you, dear Doug Lipman!
I treasure everything I learned from you and share it with others.
My memories of that workshop give me energy and nourishment, not only when I'm "center stage," but every day of my life!
--Barbara Aliprantis, New York, NY
First and foremost, you created an incredibly positive and affirming atmosphere. This made it possible to open up and get to the heart of things.
--Michael Carney, Point Reyes, CA
One of the reasons I had isolated myself in my work was because I did not want to participate in a competitive environment.
You have seen a way beyond this. Good for you! Lucky for us!
--Judy Witters, Norwich, VT

Ready to order your bundle? Go to my onlline store:

Click here to order - go to my store to view the coaching bundle catalog page

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about individual coaching. Just use my contact form.

Yours in storytelling,

Signature of Doug Lipman, supportive storytelling coach




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