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Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand!

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Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand - photo of USB bracelet

The Complete Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ on a USB Bracelet!

You can order this item via my on-line order form

  You can hear an audio sample online, too!

"A goldmine on your wrist!"

Jay O'Callahan, holder of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Storytelling Network
photo of Jay O'Callahan, storyteller

The world's first storytelling USB bracelet!

You've doubtless seen people wearing "cause" bracelets, like Lance Armstrong's yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets or pink for breast cancer awareness.

Now there is a storytelling bracelet that is much more than decorative. In fact, it contains the most advanced storytelling course available—all 37 lessons of it.

This bracelet is actually a 2GB USB bracelet. It comes preinstalled with the complete, deluxe version of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box. There's also plenty of room for your own storytelling files.

In short, now you can Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand™.

Storytelling Workshop in a Box picture

Let People Know You Love Storytelling

When people see the picture on your bracelet of one candle lighting another, they will say something like, "What's that?"

photo of USB bracelet on a wristThen you can answer, "Oh, it's about storytelling. When you pass on a story, it's like passing on a flame. The flame doesn't go out; both people's flames burn more brightly."

Or, you can have the other side up, with the word "storytelling" showing. Then people can say, "You have a storytelling bracelet. What's that?"

Then they have opened the door. You can tell them about this "storytelling thing"

that you love so much.

Keep Your Storytelling Files Safe and Handy

photo of the USB plug end of the "Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand" braceletHave you ever tried moving your files to a new computer? It's easy to find yourself with some of your storytelling-related files on your old computer, just when you need to use them on the new one.

The Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand™ USB bracelet makes it easy to put all of your storytelling files in one place:

  • Have all have your crucial storytelling files in one place - up to 2GB*
  • Carry your files with you - on your wrist!
  • Use your storytelling files on any computer**, anywhere.
  • Use this as a backup of your key storytelling files.
  • Keep this in your car, your purse, or anything you carry with you. If, perish the thought, something happens to your computer or your office, you'll have an "off-site" backup right where you can find it.

* The Storytelling Workshop in a Box takes up less than 1/4 of a GB. That leaves you 1.75 GB to use for files of your own.
** Any computer with a USB port, that is. That's nearly every computer made in the last dozen years.

Screenshot of folders within the Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand USB BraceletOrganize your files! I started you out by adding some empty folders for your own storytelling files, but you can create as many folders of your own as you want.

Because you'll have the entire Storytelling Workshop in a Box with you (and even the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit, if you choose that option), you'll be able to continue your storytelling education anywhere there is a computer.

The Storytelling Workshop in a Box

This USB bracelet comes preinstalled with the complete, deluxe version of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™, which includes:

  • 37 audio recordings about the key issues facing storytellers.
  • Exercises you can do for each exercise, in a PDF file.
  • Transcriptions of all 37 recordings, for reading or easy reference.
  • Plus more: certificates for free coaching and discounts; four different indexes of the lesson content, of the 139 stories and story summaries told in them, etc.; and more.

These 37 lessons give intermediate and advanced storytelling information not available anywhere else. And you learn it by listening. That means you are learning aurally, in the natural way that stories have been passed on for millennia.

Speaking of stories, I tell or talk about over 100 stories in these lessons (139 stories, to be exact). And the index of stories by lesson and by title make it easy to find the story you're looking for.

Of course, you can also read the transcriptions of each lesson. Many Storytelling Workshop in a Box owners find this especially useful when they want to review a lesson they've already heard.

The exercises for each lesson are all there, too, written out for you.

You also get free access to the members-only Storytelling Workshop in a Box website. There you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Post your experiences with the exercises or with listening to the recordings.
  • Read the exercise-results posted by others.
  • Use the Buddy Board to find learning-buddies who want to be listening partners via the telephone or even video Skype.

Patricia Ridge


Patricia Ridge, Northern Illinois University

"I love it and think it’s a brilliant idea!The material is comprehensive. I integrate it into my teaching and into my personal storytelling. I will use the exercises in my storytelling class starting in January."–Patricia Ridge, Ph.D., Director of Comprehensive Studies & Head of Performance (retired), Northern Illinois University, School of Theatre & Dance

The Perfect Gift

This appealing USB bracelet makes a great gift for anyone who cares about storytelling. If you include the optional Beginning Storytelling Toolkit, this bracelet is perfect for the beginner, intermediate or advanced storyteller!

Who do you love who loves stories? Is there a special teacher, librarian, student, or performer in your life? Are you part of a group who might go in together to get this unique storytelling gift for a concert organizer, volunteer, guild leader, or storytelling teacher? How about for a religious leader: a minister, priest, rabbi or imam?

Of course, you might want this as a gift for yourself. Who loves you enough to give you a major boost in your storytelling?

Version A: Get the Storytelling Workshop in a Box

Up to now, I've described what I call "Option A," which consists of the entire Storytelling Workshop in a Box on your USB-drive bracelet.

But I also offer three other options, versions B, C, and D:

Version B: Add the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit™

The Storytelling Workshop in a Box is not for beginners.

But what if you (or the person you want to give this bracelet to) is a rank beginner? What if you are someone who has been telling for a while but would like a comprehensive treatment of the basics, so you're sure that you're not inadvertently following bad advice or mistaken ideas?

In either case, I'd recommend starting with the 8-lesson Beginning Storytelling Toolkit. The kit costs $197 for the deluxe, electronic version. I will add the deluxe version to your USB bracelet at your request.

Note: the deluxe Beginning Storytelling Toolkit comes with a coupon good for $110 of coaching. So adding this Toolkit is like paying for the coaching and then getting the rest of the Toolkit for just $87.

This option is perfect for someone who wants to learn or review the key tenets of basic storytelling and then go on to storytelling mastery.

You can read more about the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit at

Version C: Add the Image Writing Toolkit™

The Storytelling Workshop in a Box does not go into depth on one important topic: the ability to access your inner "image maker," the innate ability to create stories and images that every child is born with, but that most adults have been taught to disconnect from.

The Image Writing Toolkit teaches you how to reconnect to that innate human ability.

Why is this important for storytelling? Here are some key reasons:

  • Stories are made of images. Accessing images easily is a core storytelling ability.
  • Learning a story requires you to create your own images of the story content.
  • Shaping a story often depends on finding just the right image for you to describe to your listeners.
  • Creating stories is mostly a matter of creating new images.

Why doesn't the Storytelling Workshop in a Box cover this topic? Because it takes a while to cover. Instead, I have created another toolkit, the 22-lesson Image Riding Toolkit.

Option C, therefore, adds the Image Writing Toolkit to the Storytelling Workshop in a Box.

Version D: Add both the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit and the Image Writing Toolkit

This is the complete package for the serious student of storytelling. It contains all three resources:

  1. The Storytelling Workshop in a Box (Deluxe Edition);
  2. The Beginning Storytelling Toolkit (Deluxe Edition);
  3. The Image Riding Toolkit (Deluxe Edition).

What Does All This Cost?

Here is a chart showing the price for each version—and the individual prices for each of the three storytelling resources when purchased in any of these formats:

  1. CD-and-notebook version ("hard copy");
  2. Electronic version only ("online");
  3. USB bracelet version (on the "Keep Your Storytelling Close at Hand" USB drive bracelet).

Versions C and D are discounted: they cost less than the same products in the online-only formats.

All three of the above formats include access to the online version, which includes:

  • Online access from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone;
  • Free, unlimited file download to unlimited devices (for your own use only, please);
  • Access to the online assignments and forums, to read the responses of others and add your own.

Here are the abbreviations used in the following chart:

  • SWB = Storytelling Workshop in a Box;
  • BST = Beginning Storytelling Toolkit;
  • IRT = Image Riding Toolkit.


Products included

CD + notebook

Online only

USB drive (bracelet)






















  • All versions include access to the online version
  • * = CD+Notebook versions: additional shipping costs apply


Guaranteed sealI guarantee both the Storytelling Workshop in a Box and the optional Beginning Storytelling Toolkit. If you do not learn everything I promised from either of them, please return the bracelet for a complete refund. Also, in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your USB drive itself, let me know. I'll send a replacement ASAP.

A Bargain!

The Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand USB bracelet is a unique product that helps in three ways. It helps you:

  1. Improve your storytelling,
  2. Organize your storytelling computer files, and
  3. Spread the word about storytelling.

Your USB bracelet (all versions) also comes with $524 of coupons installed and ready to use:

  • A "Brain Picking" certificate, good for a written answer to your most pressing storytelling problem. (Value: $297)
  • A certificate good for one hour of telephone coaching (Value: $197)
  • A $10 discount off any $25 purchase in my store.
  • Another $10 discount, off any $40 purchase in my store.
  • A $10 discount off any workshop produced by me

Versions B, C, and D also include the additional certificates and bonuses that come with the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit and the Image Riding Toolkit.

The bracelet is a bargain at its usual price, only $30 above the price of the online-only version of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box.

This is a no-risk investment in your storytelling for now, and for years to come.

Patricia Ridge


"I find the lessons enjoyable, insightful and helpful!"—Jay Held, Professor of Communication, Multnomah Bible College, Portland, OR


Order Securely

Use the easy, secure, online order form (pay by credit card, bank account withdrawal, check, or money order):

Click for order form for the Keep Your Storytelling Close At Hand USB bracelet

Yours in storytelling,

doug_sig picture


Marni Gillard photo

The lessons have been of great value to me as I continue to build layers of understanding about storytelling and all it can do for us as human beings. - Marni Gillard, Schenectady, NY



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